…little BITS of our lives.


Am I nuts trying to get you something which “Discovery” hasn’t got covered yet?

No, No! Not at all! Snakes sure are scary creatures, but our Python is one of the friendliest out there, totally harmless and always a delight to talk to. I will let you see, what our python looks like.

Although it seems that there are two snakes, one blue and the other yellow, Python is neither of them. It is a programming language.
Read more about its history here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Python_language

So? Did you read that? Really?

I bet most of you decided to skip over that. After all, if Wikipedia has all the content, what’s this tutorial gonna do!
Well, we will talk about Python here as well, but it is a good idea to be sure that the thing is really worth giving some time, ’cause if it happens to be a snake that’s being talked about, well, not truly my taste…!
Anyway, even if you skipped the content at wikipedia, here’s the basic thing you need to know before starting out with Python.

Python is an interpreted programming language that has become the language of choice at various places (Google for example) because of its simplicity and the power which allows it to do almost anything.

Well, Lets get started then!

We will be talking about Python 3. Yes, the number 3 stands for the version. In the computing world, whenever a software is released, it is enhanced over time, bugs are removed, interfaces are improved and lots of other modifications are done to better suit the needs of the user. The software is released again and that number there helps identify the newer version from the older ones.
The latest version is Python 3.2.1.

Someone out there: Wow! So, Python is actually not a snake, but a software living inside my computer. Now I
trust you,tell me more.

Yes, Python is a software, a programming language. (that’s what I had been saying for so long!) But it does not live inside your computer already, unless you are using LINUX or MAC OS. So, let’s give Python a home.

    Go to the website: http://python.org and then click on their downloads section.
    Depending upon your OS, choose your installer of Python. (remember version 3.2.1)
    Download and install it.

That should have been simple.
So what have we got by doing that?
More on that later. I gotta run now! Also I think it would be better if I made a video about the stuff I wanna teach. Really? teach?


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