…little BITS of our lives.

Hey Reader!

How have you been doing?
Wow, it’s been so many years since I wrote anything here. In this period, I have grown up from a teenager, learnt many new things, technologies, and forgotten some too, for the good!

As I sit wondering about new ways to hack time, I see this as a new opportunity. To pose as a newbie, to pretend to forget everything I know about python, and learn it all over once again! But, that would be a dry thing to do! No fun at all.

So, let’s spice it up! Every week starting next Monday, I will learn enough python, to implement a simple project. The idea is to develop a portfolio of some good projects, which everyone can try to implement on their own. Since, the time period is a bit small, so the projects will often range from simple to mid level difficulty, but the very idea of this, already gives me goosebumps.

I no longer have the luxury of the free time I used to have as a college student, but pushing the limits and having fun along the way, is what I wanted this blog to be about.

Wanna join me in this ride? Welcome aboard!

The next three days, I will update this blog, add some new features and then our journey will begin!


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